Completely dead!

Hey there. I have been using manjaro for almost a month now. I was casually messing around with code on my pc when I had to install something. So I did so, and it required me to update my system. With no concern i hit enter. I rebooted it and after the grub boot screen it turned completely blank. Leaving me waiting for almost an hour. Later on I searched up the problem. I was able to open the sort of terminal thing…? (TTY if im not mistaken). And following a forum I did the following: I ran “sudo pacman-mirrors -f3” and then updated the system by running “sudo pacman -Syyu”, then rebooted. And nothing! It was still the same. So the thread had a second option which suggested to run “startx”, so I did it and nothing! I decided to check out more threads regarding the same/similar problems and one of them suggested me to change the grub style to menu, and the load time to 10 seconds. I did so. Yet nothing happened once again. I have checked some other forums but all the commands suggested were to yield information, and nothing else (or as it they have said). After another attempt at updating the system and rebooting it. It didn’t work once more but at that time, the BUTTONS did not work either, I tried alt+f2, ctrl+alt+f2 but they did nothing, I tried pressing ctrl+alt+delete, nothing. Then I shut down my pc using the power button, and right before going full blank/dark it displayed a message, an error message pointing to an xorg directory. I didn’t really remember what the message was because next time I tried to get a view of it. It did not show up. I am sorry if anything here seems stupid/unclear. I am really the kind of person who learns of their own mistakes/experiences :confused: . After all… should I just reinstall the whole system…? Or is there any hope…

Without more information, such as what you installed and how, or system makeup … there isnt a lot to go on here.

I guess I will just throw this in … whether to help troubleshoot, or because you have a stanky nvidia:

Also, this tutorial will teach you to provide good information we need for troubleshooting.

Thanks… I’m sorry. I am new to using forums on my own. I will try to squeeze as much information out of it as possible… sooner or later. Thanks for the advice and the warning!

Thank you!

Just a piece of advice, use line breaks, lighten your text…

It’s a massive block of text impossible to read correctly. You already got answers, but myself, I could not finish it all.
You’ll get more help with future requests with a cleaner text.

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Yea right… I am not the most social person either. Thanks tho.