Compiling Dark Forces from sources


I wonder if anyone has successfully compiled TheForceEngine from sources?
I’m stuck on IL package adding one after another when cmake complains. :smiley:
I found il-git on AUR but did not work.
What if I compile this on Ubuntu VM do I need those dependences for game to work?

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Tried this?

May work… also on their website:

Note For Linux Users

Linux is now supported but it requires additional setup. For now, you will need to compile from the source in order to run Linux. You will also need to set up your own midi server, assuming you don’t have midi hardware. Version 1.10 will have integrated midi synthesis options, which will remove the midi server requirement. For more information, see the Linux section of the GitHub README.

In addition, a Flatpak/snap (or similar) package is planned for version 1.10, alleviating the need to manually compile the project. Think of version 1.08 as “Linux Early Access.” If you don’t want to compile the code or setup a midi server, it might be better to use Windows for now or wait for version 1.10.

About what?

What didn’t work?

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I’ve looked for Dark Forces on AUR instead TheForceEngine. :rofl:
Anyway IL package is under devil so installing:
sudo pacman -S --needed sdl2 devil rtaudio rtmidi glew cmake
let me compile from sources too.


That’s what I searched there

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