Compile kernel for ARM on RockPro64

First foray into Manjaro and I can say that it rocks on RockPro64!

One of the things I always do after getting things to work properly in a Linux distribution is to compile the latest kernel.

I searched the forum and found out that building the kernel is not done in Manjaro the standard way, which is: cd into src/linux-5.x.x, make menuconfig, make, make install, make modules_install, make dtbs_install. Those posts were old and archived and applicable for 4.x kernels.

My questions are two:

  1. Are there anywhere updated instructions to compile the latest kernel on Manjaro ARM?
  2. Are the available (git downloadable) Manjaro kernel sources 100% vanilla or are they patched, for example for Aarch64 on RockPro64 or other boards?

Thank you for any hints!

This comment describes how manjaro kernels are compiled. You can access the PKGBUILD files for the ARM kernels here. I think you can adapt them to suit your needs.