Compatible USB-C to DisplayPort/HDMI docking station

I am not even sure the best category for this question. It could be Kernel, could be Graphics, I am not sure.

I have had some really mixed success with USB display devices and Manjaro. Most single port USB-C to DP or HDMI adaptors “just work” but I have had a hell of a time getting docking stations working.

Can anyone recommend some docking stations or USB-C to multi-display output devices? My dream device has 2 x HDMi and 1 x DP, but really any device with either two HDMIs or a HDMI and a DisplayPort would be a huge step forward.

Is there a HCL? Is there a site with user feedback on hardware? I wish there was something like ProtonDB but for hardware: a place to say “I use this kernel with this distribution and this was my experience getting such-and-such hardware running”.

Maybe this?

You create your own “probe” and upload it. Also create remarks.

Yeah, I have found that site, but it’s a bit hard to use it for what I need, and is more about “are there drivers and do they successfully probe.” than people making a recommendation about if a particular part works well, i.e. if I already have a device and can probe its IDs that site will tell me about other people’s experience with that particular hardware. What I am looking for is list of hardware that works broken down by class, and with a manufacturer part number or SKU so I can be sure I am getting the exact same device.
Or just a straight up recommendation of some docking stations that are known to work well.

Just note:

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Is there such a thing for Windows or Mac? I don’t think so.

There are vendors who support also Linux, but the majority, as you know, support Windows and then Mac. Also the usb-c chipset of the laptop have to compatible with the dock, what has nothing to do with linux in general.

Since you’re using Linux, I’m afraid you’ll have to bite the bullet and try it out. Many docks work, even if not officially supported by the hardware manufacturer, but you can never be 100% sure until you test it.

The best way is always to look for hardware that is also supported for Linux or Linux-like (Android, ChromeOS).

That’s all I can really say about it.

PS: Also note…

DisplayLink devices on Linux still only have experimental support. While some people have had success in using them, it is generally not an easy process and not guaranteed to work. The steps on this page describe the generally most successful methods of using external monitors with DisplayLink.

DisplayLink - ArchWiki

So not easy… so far.