Compact alternatives to gnome adwaita

Hi, I’m using gnome 42 in my manjaro. My laptop is 13’’ and therefore I need all the space I can get from it. The current default adwaita theme has bulky window headers. I would like a more compact one. Same goes with the panel on top. Is there a way to continue using the adwaita theme and achieve my goal. I really like how adwaita works flawlessly with GTK and Qt. I want to have the same theme with all my applications.

Hi, you can find all the themes you want on the Web, and particullary in on place ! So, if you do a nice research, you could find a new theme according to your need.
Moreover, if gaining places is your goal, you should take a look at an other website designed for Gnome’s Extensions : With some good extensions, you can hide the top bar, and do more for having the most optimised workspace. But always be careful when using extensions because they can use a lot of CPU ressources…

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