Comment - eliminated perl locale errors reported in Konsole

Finally. I chased a lot past posts going in circles over setting locale to eliminate these errors when I would use inxi in the terminal. Manjaro Settings Manager and sudo locale-gen after editing numerous files did nothing to remove them. This line finally has:

export LC_ALL=“en_US.UTF-8”

added to User Alias section of my .bashrc

Hi @Pcwolf,

I personally found this to solve any problems I had:

I had followed that advice a number of times, returning every few months. My system did not show any other misalignment of locales, but at least inxi would throw it every time I opened the terminal. Adding it to the .bashrc apparently resets it anew each time perl reads the setup. Shot in the dark from a post in Ubuntu forum.

That’s very strange, as I’ve set mine at least 2 years ago, and haven’t done anything since.

Anyway, the LC_ALL environment variable doesn’t really “fix” anything, per sé. Not really.

I actually only think it’s there for troubleshooting purposes, if your language isn’t English. See:

If your language isn’t English, please prepend any and all terminal commands with LC_ALL=C. For example:

LC_ALL=C bluetoothctl

This will just cause the terminal output to be in English, making it easier to understand and debug.

In any case, that wouldn’t help if you don’t use bash, like me, AFAIK…