Command to restart Samba service?

Hi all. I have made some changes to my Samba config file, and I’m hoping someone here knows the command to restart the Samba service. I stared at the Archwiki till my eyes bled, and learned a lot about Samba just from looking for this one command. But unless I’m blind (and I probably am now) they don’t list that command on the wiki for some reason.


EDIT: Something I always wondered - If something doesn’t come with a config file, how can it magically start working with one, when the user creates it? From the wiki:

Install the samba package.

Samba is configured in the /etc/samba/smb.conf configuration file, which is extensively documented in smb.conf(5).

Because the samba package does not provide this file, one needs to create it before starting smb .service.

I didn’t have to do that. There was a config file already in etc/samba. Either way, I’ve run across programs in the past where you create your config file. Is it just there in the programming to be able to recognize and make use of a config file?

For restart Samba service look in that Arch Linux wiki for the restart command.

To learn a little more how to manage the services, I recommend: systemd - ArchWiki

You can install smb.conf from repo:

pamac install manjaro-settings-samba


Thanks! For some reason it doesn’t appear to be listed on the samba page but it’s just systemctl restart unit

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