Command sudo on graphical command

I have a strange behavior on two KDE6 machines. One under KDE Neon the other under Manjaro.
When a graphic command needs the password, a window opens asking for the password. Once it returned and validated the order cannot be carried out and says that the recognition of the password failed when it is the right one. This seems more to intervene under X11 than under Wayland.

sometime, polkit want root password and sometime want user password ?
note: with last update we have a /etc/pam.d/kde.pacnew file to merge c’est toi ?

EDIT: for BUG fixed in 6.0.5 but, today, is not in arch

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The polkit agent seems to crash due to a change in Qt 6.7.

Either you wait for Plasma 6.0.5 where it’s fixed, or you downgrade qt6-base to 6.7.0beta3

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Oui c’est moi, je ne sais pas pourquoi j’ai deux comptes sur manjaro??
Et c’est exactement le même post. Comment le mettre en résolu?

? other is kde forum …
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