Command for toggling Xfce4-panel

After installing plank and realizing its advantages, I decided to fully close Xfce4-panel, but shortly after I noticed there are some items that cannot be displayed on Plank, so I had to re-initiate Panel again, and that is always accompanied with delays.

Is there any command for toggling panel? (hiding and unhiding)

What are some of these items?
Plank, of course, works a bit different than the Xfce4 panel - but it should be able to provide the same functionality.

… or not (or not easily) - that might be one of the reasons for the panel’s very existence :wink:

Panel items can’t be displayed on Plank - they are panel items …
but the same functionality probably can be re-created

Pressing Ctl + M brings up the big app menu.

Xfce panel can be set to Always hidden with this command:

xfconf-query -c xfce4-panel -p /panels/panel-0/autohide-behavior -t uint -s 2

Or Intelligently hidden by changing the final value 2 to 1
Or Never hidden by changing the final value to 0
xfce:xfce4-panel:preferences [Xfce Docs]

xfconf-query option -T or --toggle only works with boolean values having 2 states, not with unsigned integer (uint) values

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it would be greatly appreciated if you tell me how to embed these items in plank :slightly_smiling_face:

Keyboard Language Indicator
Network Manager
Audio Control Plugin
Timeout Plugin
Xfce4 Timer

… all of these can be called via command line - they do have names and are distinct applications

I do not know how Plank works or is configured - I just tried it … years ago.

I cannot just provide you with the commands to use and/or the description where to implement it in Plank

I was essentially just trying to elicit information from you on what you are having trouble with to do with Plank

… that would otherwise … just work ™ with the native Xfce panel.

Other people may be able to guide you.
I can’t.

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