Command for Maximizing Current Window

Hi guys.

I have recently migrated from Windows to Manjaro and it’s hard to me take in all new key shortcuts shortcuts, esp. those which are hardly accessible. One of those is shortcut for maximizing the current window, that now has changed from Win + Up to Alt + F10. So, I decided to define a keyboard shortcut for that purpose, but firstly I need to know how to do that using a command.

Those anyone know what is the command for Maximizing Current Window in Terminal?

Many thanks in advance

P.S. : I have tried “xdotool key alt+F11” as a command for Super + Up, but that didn’t work.

Why? Just go to:

Settings → Window Manager → Keyboard

look for “Maximize Window” under “Action” column, select it and click edit.


if you want full screen:
if you just want to maximize it:
that is undefined by default
but you can set a shortcut
using the way @megavolt described

Thank you very much, that worked. I didn’t know it’s configurable in the setting.

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