Coming from Windows 10 - please advise app alternatives / replacement

Hey Manjaro Linux dudes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m browsing over some Linux Distros on distrowatch and I wanna check one of you linux guys out. Manjaro looks incredible, and I think KDE desktop might be best b/c of the windows management / triggers.

May you please help me, or advise some alternatives to my favorite Windows Software? Perhaps you too used them and know of some alternatives?

  • AHK Scripts - I use these alot, like alot alot
  • ShareX - screenshot window grabbing (and editing) + uploading to nextcloud
  • DisplayFusion - Windows Management / Triggers
  • Glasswire GUI - it really is a beautiful firewall program

I think if I can find a replacement for the software above I’ll be ready to make a switch. Windows 10 is fast and nice and all but I wouldn’t mind spending a year of my life in a Linux distro and checking it out.

Hope all is well and thanks for any wisdom.

p.s. - i tried to post links but my forum account is to weak - here is the original forum post with links – evernote(dot)com/l/AM8E1i9ybf9E1LpHltMqvAfwjS-kPwAzY9U/


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ntopng might be a good alternative to glasswire

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See also:

Slightly older list, still pretty good:

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