Comet lake PCH-LPc AVS - no sound


Just installed latest version of manjaro mate. The problem I have is not unique to Manjaro Mate. I also installed fedora 34 mate and ubuntu mate with the same results.

Comet lake PCH-LP CAVS is the integrated sound chip on my laptop system, an acer spin 713 chromebook.

To be clear, on the spin 713, I disabled the google security chip, wiped out chromeos, installed a Coreboot UFEI bios from mrchromebox and have installed various linux distros without incident, except for this sound chip either not being detected or not functioning.

On Manjaro, the card is detected. Pulse audio, pavucontrol, shows an active meter on the analog output port if I play something. However no sound comes from the speakers.

In Mate, the chip set is detected on the volume control panel applet as Sound preferences:Hardware:

Comet Lake PCH-LP cAVS
1 output-2 inputs

Choices for the speaker-microphone tests are:

Stereo Output + Stereo input
Stereo Output
Stereo Input

The speaker test fails.

Sound-preferences:Output also shows the chip set, but the connector choice shows only one option; Analog Output.

alsamixer shows:

card pulseaudio
mixer pulseaudio


0 [sofrt562 ]: sof-rt562 - sof-rt562 Google-Kindred-rev7

To me all this means alsamixer does not see the chip, Mate sound does see the chip but sound output goes to Analog Output, to which nothing is connected.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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The command alsamixer without additional options is showing PulseAudio virtual level controls

To see ALSA controls for the onboard audio codec

alsamixer --card=0 --view=all

But a screenshot of this is no good for troubleshooting. If you need further help use this command to get text data

amixer -c0
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