Combine multiple partititions into my main partition

I have multiple partitions on my 1TB SSD that is a dual boot with Mac. I originally made 2 200GB partitions for an OS, one for KDE now formatted for ext 4 (sda3) and another for Gnome along with 2 16 GB Swap partition next to each partition. So in order to combine my Gnome partition, sda6, with sda 3, which I never used, I imagine would need to delete the Swap partition between the two sda5. Oddly there is no sda4. After playing around with Gparted, I see no way to combine these 3 partitions into one 400GB plus partition. How would I do this?

Almost any solution will involve an unbootable system - so prepare your self.

  • Backup your data.

If you have backed up your precious - you need to boot your system using a live ISO - then launch gparted - remove excess partitions - extend your partition using the excess space - save - reboot and crash’n’burn.

Now you reboot using a live medium - gather your partition info using lsblk then modify your fstab and possibly the grub defaults - rebuild grub and retry.

Then you will decide to reinstall …

Don’t do this on your workstation - you will regret - for a long time …


Ok then… How about a way to use my other ext4 partition as the default for my home folder?