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I decided use a custom color in System Settings and everything works fine except for one folder on my desktop. It’s pretty weird. All folders on desktop are now blue except one. If I open Dolphin and look at the Desktop all the folders are the same color (picture attached).

How do I fix this? I already tried the fix here concerning Plasma graphic visual errors and it didn’t change anything.

Clean the ~/.cache/ folder … also, symlinks do not follow yet the colored folders protocol, will be added to KDE Plasma from what i understand.

What happens if you click the mouse somewhere on the blank desktop?

I already cleared the ~/.cache and it had no effect.

Nothing happens if I click the mouse on a blank part of the desktop.

If I create a new folder, it’s also the wrong color.

try to switch between icon themes - go from breeze to breeze dark and back to beeze

Thanks for the suggestion, but that made no difference.

HOWEVER, the one thing I have tried that does make a difference is to use a completely light theme. If any component of the theming is “dark” then I have the problem with that one folder being a different color.

Global theme: Breath or Breath Light
Plasma Style: Breath (Follows color theme)
Colors: Breath Light
Icons: Breeze

With the setup above the folder colors match. If I change it to what I normally use, the folder color mismatch comes back:

Global theme: Breath
Plasma Style: Breath Dark
Colors: Breath Light
Icons: Breeze

nice that you found a way around that issue but you can try another icon pack like papirus-icon-theme from aur and keep other wm and appearance themes to dark. i think that will do it

I did mark the Papirus Icon theme installation as a solution to this problem, but we didn’t get to the bottom of what is causing the problem. Aesthetically it works, but the underlying cause is still there. I’ll use this for now but really do prefer the Breath icons.

Thanks @ishaanbhimwal

Plasma themes internally have the same colors config file as regular apps’ color schemes. Themes that “Follow color scheme” lack this file and use values from apps config. But if this file is present (like in Breath Dark), this color config will be applied to icons on desktop/panel.

That’s how it works for now, I want to discuss this with KDE guys eventually to have a support for partially colored plasma themes i.e. following system accent and everything else is taken from theme’s colors file. I experimented with it and this kinda works now but needs reapplication of Plasma theme to trigger accents change so I removed this feature to not to confuse users.

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