Color gnome settings popping up at KVM monitor switch

I have GNOME 42.4 running wayland.
I have installed displaycal to calibrate my monitor by ArgyllCMS using Spyder X .
Once I have installed the icc profile and its shows nicely at color page of gnome settings.

My monitor is switch between windows and manjaro notebooks in docking stations.

Now every time I switch my monitor back to running manjaro, gnome settings pops up with color page.

Do you know why and how can I avoid it?
Does it has to do with monitor appearing for manjaro? but why? Same icc color profile is always selected and monitor name is the same all the time. So it is not really a new monitor.

Thank you for your help.

It seems you’re not fully up to date:

Once you’ve updated and rebooted, see if you can reproduce the issue.

I am not sure I want to move to gnome 43 as every GNOME move cause me too much time to put things back as I had them.
I am sure this can be fixed some other way.
I also wonder if there are other people using color calibration and monitor on KVM switch.

Since Manjaro is a rolling release the principle of fixing things is ’ fix forward’. Staying behind and not updating is not supported and can lead to other problems. The few times I’ve used a KVM switch, the quality usually is not that great, I’ve found it easier to use different input ports and only use the KVM switch for the keyboard/mouse.

Nobody really confirms if this is an issue in manjaro or in my configuration or my way setting and loading the color profiles.
Therefore fixing by upgrading is not necessary the solution.

I have updated whole system, as you suggested and the problem is gone.
And also I have no strange changes as I had when GNOME moved to v.40.
I only wonder if the issue was cause by my install and fixed by installing new versions only because it fixed something I did wrongly or was it incorrect in earlier Manjaro?
Just curiosity for the people who may face similar issue in the future, I am happy now :wink:

BTW: KVM experience may differ, based on switch, cables, resolutions,… I am OK.

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