Coexistence with Sway, how to set the default window manager in the greeter?

So I installed Sway and it’s working great. I would like Sway to be the default choice when I log in. I modified the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and changed user-session=i3 to user-session=sway and also enabled sessions-directory=/usr/share/xsessions:/usr/share/wayland-sessions.

This made Sway the ‘default’ as in it reporting ‘default’ next to the name in the login menu but the pre-selected choice is still i3, which is not very defaulty.

Where did I go wrong?

Create the file $HOME/.dmrc with the following:


Be aware that if you change and start i3, it will modify that file, and you’ll need to manually change it back to sway.

It already reports as sway. I also looked at the dmrc file in the non user location (can’t recall where it was), but it also reported sway already.

I think this is just a bug, I changed the greeter to lightdm-elephant-greeter and now it’s working as it should.