Code - OSS fails to find certain extensions on the marketplace

There are a couple of extensions that I use that aren’t showing up in the extension search menu in Code - OSS (code package in official repos). The version of vscode in the visual-studio-code-bin AUR package and visual studio code’s marketplace website are able to find these packages.

The packages in question are:

  • Shader languages support for VS Code (slevesque.shader)
  • Pale Fire (matklad.pale-fire)

I have tried to install these on two separate Manjaro systems and it doesn’t work on either. Most other extensions can be found and installed without issues.

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community/code now searches in instead of, see: Use as extension gallery by spoenemann · Pull Request #404 · VSCodium/vscodium · GitHub

You can still install those manually from the .vsix file.

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