Code Blocks package possible missing dependency

So today I installed Code Blocks to check it out and got an error after trying to run an hello world c project. In the end it turned out, that Code Blocks tried to run “xterm -T …” to run the compiled program, but xterm was not installed on my machine. After installing xterm everything was fine.

Since I still have much to learn linux wise, is this simply a missing package dependency in the codeblocks pagacke, or is the error on my end, because I somehow uninstalled xterm and applications assume that xterm is always there, or something entirely different?

And if it is indeed a missing package dependency, where can I fix or report it?

Although i never used code blocks, i guess xterm is just set as the default terminal emulator in the settings somewhere.


Settings → Environment → Terminal to launch console programs

Change it to whatever terminal emulator you want. Does not need to be xterm.


Ok, that was too easy :smiley: Thank you very much

I’m with @moson.

The first thing I do for any application is go through all “Settings” or “Preferences” depending on what they call them :slight_smile:

I opened up pamac, searched for codeblock, and selected it. In the details is the home address for the package, You can also get this information from the commandline: pacman -Si codeblocks.

In firefox I do a site search. In the firefox address bar (I use duckduckgo search engine), I typed xterm site: and the first entry was “How do you use Gnome Terminal instead of Xterm”.


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