CO-RE support in kernel

CO-RE (Compile Once - Run Everywhere) technology is more than a year old now. It allows observing systems’ structs through eBPF without installing kernel headers (kernel-devel package) & recompiling tools on every machine. It’s done by including premade & compressed debugging info directly into the kernel. This procedure requires compiling with the flag “CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF=y” enabled, and a kernel’s size increases only roughly up to 1.5 MB.

BPF is the future of Linux observability tooling, and CO-RE has incredibly reduced an overhead. Would it be possible to include the previously mentioned flag into Manjaro’s kernel building process?

More info here (remove spaces):
facebookmicrosites. github. io/bpf/blog/2020/02/19/bpf-portability-and-co-re.html


According to this doc, some major Linux distributions come with kernel BTF already built in:

  • Fedora 31+
  • RHEL 8.2+
  • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (in the next release, as of 2020-06-04)
  • Arch Linux (from kernel 5.7.1.arch1-1)
  • Ubuntu 20.10
  • Debian 11 (amd64/arm64)

Kindly ping and ask. :sweat_smile:
Is there any plan for manjaro to follow up turning CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF on ?


Pinging @schinfo , the master of the manjaro kernels :wink:

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Will be included with the next update for the kernels 5.10 + 5.11 + 5.12


Thanks a lot, that will definitely be a fantastic feature!