Cmake qt6-base:cmake-gui shouldn't be optional

Hi there just wanted to report that qt6-base:cmake-gui should be installed with cmake by default and not optional dependency othewrwise cmake-gui does not work and missing qt6-widgets

[corey@corey-pi4 ~]$ cmake-gui %f
cmake-gui: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

After installing the “optional dependency” it fixes the issue and cmake-gui now runs.

We get cmake from Arch, so your request should be to the package maintainer. :slight_smile:

Oh alright, this is the correct link right? :slight_smile:

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But the PKGBUILD does say that you need qt6-base if you want to use cmake-gui.
Cmake-GUI is not a required part of cmake. So I think that’s why it’s an optional dependency.

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Yeah I see but it is a bit weird that they made it optional when it seems like it actually needs it wouldn’t you agree? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, since cmake-gui is not a needed funktion in the cmake package. If it was needed to run regular cmake, then yes. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean for cmake itself as it’s a terminal application and doesn’t need it, I mean for cmake-gui for it to work :slight_smile:

cmake-gui isn’t a separate package

Oh alright but cmake-gui still needs that dependency even if it isn’t needed for cmake itself :slight_smile:

Anyways I might have to contact the maintainer of the package and let him know.

Thanks guys :+1:

They know, from Arch pkgbuild

* qt6-base (optional) - cmake-gui


Here’s your official answer: FS#70788 - cmake-gui fails if qt6-base is optional dependency

cmake-gui is optional and hence fails if you don’t include the optional dependency needed to make optional stuff work.

This should not come as a surprise.