Cloning Win10 SSD and converting to qcow2 VM

Guys I am looking to clone my 240GB Win10 SSD… if possible with minimization (only 140Gb actually used). This I want to accomplish with a live cloning tool. Then I am looking for a way to convert this raw image to qcow2. I have already converted several Win7 VBox VMs this way without any complaint.
Manjaro is only OS and I am not looking to dual boot under any circumstance…
Any help/ advice would be highly appreciated.
Thank you

What did you do then?
… repeat it? …

write a file containing zeros to all of the available space until it’s full/exhausted
then delete that file
… then use windows to shrink it’s partition to it’s minimal size

But depending on what tool you use to “clone”
this might not be necessary
as only active data would be transferred
… depending on the tool you use …
as only the active data will be considered.

He was talking about Win7 VBox VMs which are converted as easy as using

VBoxManage clonehd --format RAW WIN7.vdi WIN7.img

qemu-img convert -f raw WIN7.img -O qcow2 WIN7.qcow2

But now he wants to first virtualize bare metal Windows 10 and then convert it to qcow2.

I would create backup image with Macrium Reflect and try to restore the backup image in there. I know that this somehow works in VirtualBox, because I once did something like this before (however, cannot remember much of the details)

Of course it would be better to have some automagic conversion command to directly produce the qcow2 file, but I don’t know whether one exists.

Thanks, just what I was looking for

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