Cloning Manjaro from internal HDD to internal ssd in laptop

OK so I have a laptop that I very recently used to dual boot manjaro on with windows. windows was in my ssd and manjaro was in a partition of the hdd. I have removes windows, for obvious reasons, and wish to move this install to the ssd. the ssd is larger than the partition in terms of size. the manjaro partition is encrypted with LUKS and the boot loader is NOT in the HDD but in the SSD. I can’t figure out how to do the cloning process and boot into the actual SSD. when I tried it before using rsync and a live manjaro USB, the partition was cloned but was unbootable. I changed the uuid in grub as well as fstab but it still kept booting into the old hdd. Also I do NOT want to encrypt the new install in the ssd

There are a number of posts in the forum about that, here a recent one: Clone Linux with GParted? - #3 by 6x12 .

I have copied a hdd to ssd using gparted of a live manjaro usb without any issues, however, this was a straightforward setup with ext4 partitions and no encryption.

As mentioned in the above linked post, it seems necessary to first decrypt the LUKS partition, then copy it to the ssd and afterwards reinstall grub (or edit fstab accordingly).

it says there that I need to reinstall grub. that is possible only if I can boot into the new one,right? I can edit the fstab no problem but installing grub…

Wrong. Boot a live session and chroot into it. Then you can reinstall grub.

ok thanks! ill try it after my final exams get over (21st march) and keep you guys updated

guess what. i messed around with grub.cfg and… i BOOTED INTO THE SSD. tho i wasnt able to replicate it :frowning:

Thank you guys, i did it. I changed out the entries in grub.cfg to remove the cryptodevice= and root= entries and edited default/grub to not add those lines again (GRUB_CMDLINE_DEFAULTS), and it was done. i am currently on my SSD and the HDD partition is reallocated

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