Clonezilla: MBR or GPT?

Reading the Clonezilla site, I found that Clonezilla is saving the image by saving MBR (by dd).

However, I installed Manjaro with GPT (and I boot with UEFI).

I also found that some people have issues because of the MBR-GPT mismatch. As I understand it, the problem is within the disk they are cloning, and not between the disk and the image.

Can I expect any problems of this kind if I have a pure Manjaro disk, which has never been MBR? Will the image be accurate (down to GPT) and restorable?

Clonezilla makes a bit-to-bit clone of the image but instead of writing empty space to the image it uses an algorithm to keep track of the empty space and therefore Clonezilla images is smaller than the dd counterpart.

I have used Clonezilla for cloning a UEFI/GPT OEM image of Manjaro and subsequently restored the image to a system before shipping it to the customer. I have never heard of the systems not working.


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