Clonezilla doesn't work anymore after recent updates

Clonezilla, wich was working perfectly until recently, has stopped working for me after recent updates, on 2 machines :

  • An Intel Machine running Manjaro KDE x86_64 (stable branch) with Clonezilla 3.35.2-4
  • A Pinebook Pro running Manjaro KDE ARM (arm-testing branch) with Clonezilla 3.35.2-5

I assume the issue is not due to Clonezilla itself as Clonezilla 3.35.2-4 was working previously, but to updates to other pieces of software.

The issue shows as :

  • Open a terminal
  • su as root
  • start “clonezilla”
  • You get the 1st choice screen
  • Select any option
  • You get :

❯ clonezilla
grep: warning: stray \ before /
grep: warning: stray \ before /
/usr/bin/clonezilla: line 46: 20459 Aborted (core dumped) $DIA --backtitle “$msg_nchc_free_software_labs” --title “$msg_nchc_clonezilla” --menu “$msg_clonezilla_is_free_and_no_warranty \n$msg_hint_multiple_choice_select_by_space \n$msg_device_image_device_clone. \n$msg_lite_server_and_client_are_provided \n$msg_choose_mode:” 0 0 0 $DIA_ESC “device-image” “$msg_device_image_clone” “device-device” “$msg_device_device_clone” “remote-source” “$msg_remote_clone_source” “remote-dest” “$msg_remote_clone_destination” $lite_server_msg_1 $lite_server_msg_2 $lite_client_msg_1 $lite_client_msg_2 2> $TMP
Clonezilla mode is free(): invalid pointer
“free(): invalid pointer” is an unknown or unsupported type! You have to specify a correct ocs_live_type (device-image or device-device)!
Program terminated!!

This is extremely bad for me as it is a tool I use quite a lot and badly need…

Maybe you can use the Clonezilla distro from as a stopgap measure. Disadvantage is that you have to shutdown Manjaro and boot Clonezilla, but at least you can save whatever you need saving.

I recommend ventoy for creating a bootable USB, where you can put the Clonezilla ISO file and boot that.

For my x86_64 machine, I most of the times use Clonezilla from within PartedMagic live, so it is annoying but not catastrophic.
But for my PinebookPro, which is an ARM machine, I need to use Clonezilla from a live SD card, and used to use Manjaro for that.

So what I truly need is a fix rather than a workaround.

It seems that forcing DIA to “dialog” in /etc/drbl/drbl.conf gives a workaround to this.

According to Steven Shiau, maintainer of clonezilla, this problem is due to a bug/regression in libpopt0, which is already fixed upstream.

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Confirming this is fixed is X86_64 Manjaro un unstable branch.

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