Clonezilla doesn't find any folders on a HDD

I wanted to move my system from one SSD to other SSD, so in first step I want to copy current SSD to a image file in external HDD. I tried two HDDs, one with partition with .ext4 file system, the other one with exfat system. In both cases, when I choose the device and partition, it shows that the current device is “/” and no other folders to choose.

On both HDDs there are backup files in folders and the fact that Clonezilla wants to write image to “/” instead “Clonezilla” folder that I created there is alarming. I can’t risk loosing data.

What is wrong and how to fix it?
Thank you

EDIT: In /home/partimag/ where Clonezilla mounted the drive, I see all folders correctly. Here:

However, in terminal there is nothing to be found:

EDIT 2: I found this in terminal:

mount -t auto -o noatime,nodiratime /dev/sdc1 /home/partimag
FUSE exfat 1.3.0
mount: /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root: niewłaściwa opcja; przenoszenie montowania istniejącego poniżej montowania współdzielonego nie jest obsługiwane.
Scanning dir /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root..Scanning dir /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root..Scanning dir /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root..Running: mount --bind -o noatime,nodiratime /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root /home/partimag

which translates roughly to (translation may be wrong, I don’t fully understand what it says):

mount: /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root: invalid option; moving of mounting of existing below mounting that is shared, is not supported - makes no sense for me, but that is what it literally says. I guess this is a poor localization, but without the original, I can’t make any sense with it.

OK, found the solution. It turns out that Clonezilla mounts external drive in /home/partimag/. It seems to assume that the source is the running system on device where /home/partimag/ is located (before it let you the source - weird…). This creates issue /home/partimag/ is within cloned image which has /home/partimag/ which has cloned image and so on. In short, this is not allowed.

So basically, clonezilla should be run from live system and then all works as intended, the folders are findable and choosable in that mode.

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