Clone System to another laptop with dualboot

Hello fellow Manjaro users,
I’d like to ask a somewhat general question. I have a manjaro laptop and a Windows laptop and would like to clone my manjaro system on the Windows laptop and create a dual boot so i dont have to carry 2 laptops with me around.

I have made a dual boot before and can do it from scratch but I’m wondering if its possible to just clone my current system (with something like clonezilla) so i dont have to install all the software.

It would be perfect if i can have the exact same system just on my other laptop. Is this possible and if so what tool/approach should I check out?

Thanks and have a nice day^^

Hi @petkosix,

I do believe it would be possible.

However, I also believe it’s not worth it. IMHO it’ll take longer to get everything up and running again than it would take to just reinstall everything. And you can always copy just the configs over making time required to configure it much shorter.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

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There have been many similar questions been discussed here, next time first try the search function:

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