Clone Linux with GParted?

Is it clone, plug new drive into cable old drive was on & boot, or some editing needed?

In theory that should work if new drive is as big or bigger than old drive. Any extra space on new drive would not be available before resizing the last partition.

But some say this is not necessarily how things work in practice, and the reasons for that i don’t know

Similarly, dd should work in it equally so.

If you clone, just make sure to disconnect the old drive before next boot, as they have same UUID

Using clonezilla, not with gparted unless I missed its cloning function. And yes, as @varikonniemi said

If you want to use gparted you can copy the partitions one by one and even resize them to fit on a smaller drive, however, you have to reinstall grub (or edit fstab) when your done since the UUID of the drive will change.

I’ve outlined the steps here: Copying my Manjaro install from the HDD to USB - #4 by 6x12 , keep in mind this worked for me with a simple setup, no fancy file system, no raid, encryption etc.

Please edit your topic title to be clear and concise about your query. Linux is a kernel. Did you mean installation or partition instead?

The first post should contain as much information as you can provide to help other help you. Please add more info if you are able.

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I must have mixed gparted with gnome disks where you make an image and restore it to another device, post edited to reflect this

After cloning this way, you need to reinstall Grub and edit /etc/fstab (UUID).

sudo dd if=/dev/from of=/dev/to bs=4096 conv=fsync

Should be no need to reinstall grub or edit fstab