Clock applet shows wrong time

new cinnamon install and the clock in panel corner shows wrong time but settings show right region in US , and city . maybe will only change with custom format? does anyone know about this ? thanks

Are you dual-booting with Microsoft Windows, and/or is your hardware clock set to UTC or to local time?

Microsoft Windows defaults to storing the hardware clock’s time in local time, albeit that it can be coerced to use UTC instead — see the link below. Conversely, GNU/Linux prefers the hardware clock to be in UTC, although you can have it use local time instead.

I would also recommend using NTP to synchronize your system clock with a timeserver. :arrow_down:

sudo systemctl enable --now systemd-timesyncd.service

This + at least on xfce the clock applet on panel has ist own setting for timezone. The field there has to be empty for the applet to follow the system settings. It took me an hour to learn that the hard way after i changed timezones.

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Aragorn , Teo ,

ok, thanks for filling me in on the clock you guys. I appreciate it .

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