Clicking on tray or push notification popups opens dolphin for some reason?

Clicking on the actual popup box of tray notifications or browser push notifications does not open twitter or facebook or the application that the notification came from (like signal or Event-calendar alarms from google calendar), instead they all just open Dolphin?

For example/illustration :- a google calendar test event notification through event-calendar.
Clicking this box just opens Dolphin?

extra/libnotify 0.7.9-1 (50.1 KiB 282.5 KiB) (Installed)
extra/knotifications 5.80.0-1 (410.4 KiB 894.9 KiB) [kf5] (Installed)
Vivaldi 3.7.2218.52

System: Kernel: 5.4.105-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 10.2.0 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.21.3 Distro: Manjaro Linux
base: Arch Linux
Machine: Type: Laptop System: Dell product: Inspiron 5767 v: N/A serial:
Mobo: Dell model: 03XWWJ v: A00 serial: UEFI-[Legacy]: Dell v: 1.0.0 date: 07/14/2016

skype, reddit, youtube, Franz, Rambox… Iv tried using firefox, the push notifications still just open Dolphin but so do all the desktop apps?

Trying to enable push notif in Firefox right now. Reply.

So iv used a site that can send a test “browser HTML5 push notification”. Iv closed vivaldi and opened firefox. I send myself a push notification that popped up on firefox but clicking on it still just opens Dolphin.

But as iv shown its not just a browser issue. All the desktop app like skype, signal, Franz, Event-calendar etc all open Dolphin when i click their notification pop-ups to?

It properly works for me. It opens Firefox. tested with HTML5 Web Notifications Test -

Very quiet.

I got to test out signal properly yesterday as my daughter messaged me on it. Clicking the notification did open signal but it also opened, guess what… yep Dolphin (and it was topmost just to be a PITA).

It still works properly on my side (Testing branch).

This is the output console.
Text will appear here when stuff happens.
A notification will be triggered in 5 seconds. Try minimising the browser now.
Notification #1 queued for display
Notification #1 showed
Notification #1 clicked
Notification #1 closed

Maybe one of your Panel component is messing with the notification thing? I see you have a lot added to the Panel and maybe also changed some not visible things?

These are all my hidden panel apps/icons. I suppose i should try a process of elimination by removing them and seeing if i can track down any cause. Suppose its worth a try but i doubt a tray item would cause interference with notification pop-ups.

P.S (off subject). I still hate this “hidden panel” icon listing. It used to be nice and neat in a list-view but it got regressed to this ugly mess of icons & they said it was staying this way. Nice.

Yeah it is only a suggestion (don’t get mad and insult people LOL I recently experienced that because I made a simple suggestion like that and the guy was very not happy that it didn’t solve anything :D). But if you have time I guess try maybe a simpler way: create a new user, log in to that user, check if notification behaves properly on the new user account. If it does, then you know the issue lies in your user files. Then maybe do that, try removing components/configs.

O sorry, did i insult someone? My opinion on a GUI is just my opinion, they could easily left a user configuration switch is all i thought. But enough off topic.

I shall do the checks you suggest here.

Its really odd though, iv just uploaded an image to imgur and now its all changed. Now all pop-ups (calendar, signal, push, etc) all go to a specific URL (on vivaldi, my default), clicking on the pop-ups all open vivaldi and go to It is really weird. Im sure after a while, after a have clicked or opened something somewhere it will all change again to all opening dolphin.
So odd.

You completely misread what I wrote :man_facepalming: . I agree, enough of off topic (you started anyway).

So? what’s going on? It should have take you 5 minutes to create a new user and test it.

Hay up, well am am working through it. Yea it did take 5 minutes to test the pop-ups, and yes they work fine, but while im here on a new account i decided to see if it would also fix my other long-standing problems which will take several weeks to know the answer to. (Sleep on lid close is not suspending system)

Also since i have now mostly created a clean new account i thought i might as well go all the way but without just copying a backup of my old ~/ dir. I shall wait to see if my “sleep fails with firefox” is fixed and then i shall start moving across all my folders one at a time. Iv got a lot of other stuff to get working first though like my printer that took ages to get right last time and then my LAN and the NAS that i mount and do borg backups.

So basically yes the notification pop-ups work, who knows exactly what the problem was/is on my old account but i want to see if i can fix other things given this opportunity.

Alright :+1: