Clevo-xsm-wmi not working after Kernel 5.10

Hi there, need some help on getting the clevo-xsm-wmi working again on my XFCE Manjaro with Kernel 5.10. It used to work just fine under 5.4…

After the Kernel update, as usual, I had to go through the make and intall process of the clevo-xsm-wmi all over again using the following guidelines (meant for Linux Mint - but which used to work completelly fine):

In the terminal navigate to your module folder and type
make && sudo make install

If you get an SSL error like I did you need to enter:
sudo install -m644 clevo-xsm-wmi.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extra

sudo depmod

Now you can input the following to load the module on boot
sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/clevo-xsm-wmi.conf <<< clevo-xsm-wmi

Then lastly
sudo update-initramfs -uk all


First thing I noticed was that for the first time I got the SSL error described there, when installing it (just after the make). Following the instructions for that scenario didn´t make it work, though.

After seraching around for a while, I found a AUR package for clevo-xsm-wmi, and a GUI tool for it. Installing them didn´t work either.

No errors, but keyboard light completelly unresponsive (even after reboot).

Since I can´t go back to kernel 5.4 (having problems with snap apps there), Iḿ desperate for some help…
Tks in adv.