Clearing up AUR

I’d like to clear up my AUR library.

I apologize for the very basic questions that are about to follow, but I need to ask.

  1. If I were to uninstall all AUR packages, could that affect Manjaro’s functionality and Manjaro’s official packages in any way?

  2. If an AUR package is

Required By: None


Install Reason: Installed as a dependency for another package

Can I assume that in all likelihood it can be removed without affecting anything?

Thank you.

It shouldn’t, but it might, if a package that used to be in the repositories was moved out to the AUR.

If it was installed as a dependency for another package, then removing it will break that other package, unless it’s an optional dependency.

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If pacman also says about it:

Optional for: None
Conflicts with: None
Replaces: None

then, is it an orphan and unnecessary?

To list custom packages using pacman

pacman -Qqem

The result can be piped into a file

sudo pacman -Qqem > pkglist.txt

Feed the list to pacman

sudo pacman -Rns - < pkglist.txt
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Thank you!

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