Clean install Manjaro installed pulseaudio-modules-bt, can't uninstall


After a clean install two weeks ago I installed pulseaudio-modules-bt in an attempt to get my bluetooth headphones to sound better but instead of fixing things it made them worse.

I now have the whole set of codec options but when I select AAC it just remains stuck on HSP (or whatever it is).

It then occurred to me that Manjaro is now using pipewire and the pulseaudio-modules-bt is deprecated so I probably didn’t need it in the first place.

Thing is, it did replace another package (and I can’t remember the name of it, I know → 🤦🏼) and when I try to remove it it also wants to remove al lot of essential gnome related packages like GDM, Gnome settings, … About 30 of them.

So safe to say I’m in quite the pickle here since I’ve come to the point where I have no clue what to do and my 500 euro high quality bluetooth headphones sound worse than my 8bit Nokia 3310 ringtones used to sound :sweat_smile:

I could really use some help on this.

You can check the /var/log/pacman.log file to see what got removed when you installed pulseaudio-modules-bt. :slight_smile:

And then just install that with sudo pacman -S <package name> and it will probably ask you if you want to remove pulseaudio-modules-qt in the process. Say yes to that.

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Manjaro is not using Pipewire by default. However, the developer of pulseaudio-modules-bt is so he has archived the repo and announced it’s deprecated.

Pipewire is available to switch to if you prefer. Some packages require it, but that doesn’t interfere with using PulseAudio by default.

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It’s pulseaudio-bluetooth.

Now pulseaudio-modules-bt is a repo package in manjaro. Most likely it just needs a rebuilt. The AUR package is working fine for me at least.

Thanks. That was indeed the one I needed.

Now I was able to switch to pipewire (through these steps). The next issue being that I seem to have no A2DP codecs available for my headset. Tried to remove /var/lib/bluetooth and re-pair my headphones but no luck. Think I’ll might have to install something else or something.

(Marking @moson as the solution but in fact every post here was a solution so thanks a lot!)

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