Citrix Workspace App - How to integrate ctxusbd daemon into the init run levels?

When I install Citrix from the tarball package from the Citrix for Linux download site, I am unable to integrate the ctxusbd daemon into the init run levels.

Here’s a screenshot of the full message, any help would be appreciated while I continue to search around.
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Well, Manjaro does not use traditional runlevels, because Manjaro is Arch-based, and we follow Arch in that we use systemd as the init system. systemd uses .service files and/or .timers to start daemons and schedule periodic tasks.

If the tarball you have does not contain any systemd .service file, then perhaps one could be created — they are plain text files, with a declarative syntax — but then we’re going to need more information, such as a link to the product in question.

We also don’t know what Citrix product exactly you’re talking of, because there are some Citrix products available from the AUR, including. icaclient, which is the Citrix Workspace (Citrix Receiver), as well as some Xen-related stuff.

It is always better to use applications from the repository or from the AUR over applications downloaded from the web.

I suggest you remove the files you installed - then install using the custom script from AUR

pamac build icaclient

Thank you for the welcome words.

The product in question is the Citrix Workspace App for Linux from the vendor download site here:
From Citrix’s website /downloads/workspace-app/linux/workspace-app-for-linux-latest.html

I’m going to try what linux-aarhus mentioned and use

pamac build icaclient