Cinnamon, LXDE, or Mate?

While I do enjoy using Xfce, due to the Xfce Developers(Or a few?) just deciding to use Client Side Decorations with asking any of the Users if this would be a good ideal to begin with.

Like the so call Flat Look in GUI Themes designs, I find that the CSD setup very annoying to use at the least.

So just case I’m looking at other Desktop Environments either using GTK3 and/or Qt. I have the ones in the Title in Mind.

Never used Cinnamon before, tried out LXDE a few times and I reasoned that Xfce better suits my needs. Mate? Well I didn’t really care for Gnome 2.6.x, and I only used due the silliness of KDE4 Plasma when the KDE Developers just do it w/o any input from the Users…

Anyway I’m inclined to put LXDE on my Thinkpad T430. However I am Willing to check out Cinnamon. Pros and Cons of the Three?

If a moderator was to come here, he’d advise you to enquire about this by yourself, there are many many DEs comparisons online.
Also, to try by yourself. Just download them all and test them in Virtualbox or better from the Live session with an USB key.

Nobody except you could find the Desktop Environment that fits you.
And just a note, KDE is pretty good these days, such as Gnome that is now in 3.38 version.
Just test and decide.

I agree with @Falav, it’s not to be expected that you find here more helpful hints than on a web search. Your specific use case will lead you to one or the other, no one can know what is best for you and any advice will be highly subjective. I have never seen that these type of discussions lead to anything helpful at the end. :upside_down_face:
Try one, if it’s not what you expected hop to the next. :wink: That’s the way I found my home DE.

Well I want to keep using Manjaro and I’m wondering about the usability of these other DEs from other User point of view.

Well, each user will say 3 dfferent stories… Myself, I have a triple boot KDE/Cinnamon/Gnome. You’ll find what you seek reading reviews (there are youtube channels or specialized websites for that). But from a technical point of view, apart advising you to try and test by yourself…

While I can see your points here and I have always end up checking for myself anyway.

I did however discover Manjaro by accident back in 2015. And love the thought of a Rolling Release…

But that is starting to get Off Topic here.

Think cinnamon is one of the most stable DE around and absolutely love it on manjaro. I’d look at your pc specs and see what you think is best for you, cinnamon is quite resource heavy. Budgie and kde work well on manjaro too but like others have said try a couple in vm or live usb and see what you prefer

Well I have to check the HW Requirements for Cinnamon. but wait… This is my Laptop and that low spec in comparison to my desktop.

Just read your profile, similar spec to my laptop so you should be fine running any desktop on manjaro

Well My Thinkpad only has 4GB pf Memory vs 16GB on my Desktop. And a Ivy Bridge i5-3xxxM Dual Core/Hyperthreading.

8gb would be ideal but you can run just about any desktop on manjaro with 4gb but you’d need a swap partition.

I already have my Thinkpad setup with a 8GB Swap Partition.

There are plenty of threads like this all over the internet. Do some reading, try out a few and see what you like.