Cinnamon discovering, too limited in its configuration options?

Hi all

As the title said first time i installed cinnamon and it looks pretty good…or not ?, i don’t find anywhere some basics as how can we choose our own preferred applications that are not in GUI interface?
One exemple opening a .svg opens me in Gimp, how to change that and open automatiquely with Krita?
Where / how can i chosse my choices not imposed or absent in the preferences?
Here that all we can choose?

Its linux so many things have text config files … but no, cinnamon is not considered a ‘highly configurable’ desktop environment.
IMHO its built more for folks that use “Apps” than folks that use “Software” :wink:

Have you tried *Right click to the desired file then
Open withAnother Aplicaion…Select a programSet as default
It’ll set for all same extensiions.


I’m ready to edit by hand some text config files like .css and so on etc, but no able to all recompil, i know LFS nor Gentoo are not for my present incarnation

It works!
Thank you much :wink:

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