Cinnamon crashes after login

so i am migrating from mint 20 cinnamon (been a mint user for around 7 years now) to manjaro cinnamon and i just did the install and then restarted my computer after the install was done i logged in and set up my settings and what not through the manajro settings manager and then used the software centre to download and install all my apps i did that and then it said i need to restart so i did and then i logged in and as soon as i logged in i got the cinnamon crashed message that says im running in fallbackmode and i cant get it to not give me the cinnamon crashed message what do i do?

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First thing to do after installing Manjaro should be updating and then rebooting. Then you can start to install packages. Have you done this? If not I would recommend just to reinstall as there is not much data worth to save from this fresh install.

When you first run the system, enter

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

and post it here, so that we have at least the basic data of your system in case you get in trouble, again.

Otherwise, you could start here, if you prefer trying to fix your issue:

i installed did my settings sett up installed all my programs and then did a restart to make all the settings changes take effect and then when it restarted i got to the log in screen logged in and then it imedately told me cinnamon crashed and is in fall back mode and wont display anything at all unless i open the terminal using ctl+alt+f2

I think is better to reinstall like say Wollie
Is very better to make a /home at separted partiton if you have a problem you can reinstall without lost data