Cinnamon calendar - missing fonts? and doesn't sync

Screenshot of my Cinnamon calendar. It’s as though either fonts aren’t installed, or it just doesn’t know how to format the display correctly.

Also, it doesn’t sync with my Google calendar. I have enabled my account in Online Accounts. I enjoyed this functionality when I tested it in Mint, so was disappointed to see it wasn’t working in Manjaro.

Could both issues be related?

Hello and welcome JuicyPinapple!

I think you need to install the package gnome-calendar to make Google calendar work, do you have this package installed? Running fine on my machine, also checked in a VirtualBox install with another account.
About fonts: Check your themes and font in cinnamon-settings. I use a slightly customized
version of Mint Y Dark Teal in my local .theme directory because I had some minor issues with a Cinnamon theme upgrade a while back.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The calendar & app menu formatting are messed up by the Adapta theme you have enabled. Some themes, including the included adapta-maia theme, haven’t been updated for Cinnamon’s current app menu & calendar. If you switch to Mint-Y, Carta, or other popular themes focused on Cinnamon, you will see the calendar as it’s supposed to be.

As far as Google Calendar, I’m not sure. I know I’ve had it synced before.

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