Chuwi Gemibook Pro Celeron N5100 (No audio for internal speakers)

For those of you who own this laptop model and have problem with internal audio speakers - No Dummy Audio issue for a year. Finally, the latest kernel 6.0.2 fixes this missing internal audio.

Experience i got in 6.0.2 thought you may need to know before installing:

  1. Slight random crackling sound will be present
  2. If you see Jasper Lake audio is shown but can’t hear a thing still despite highest volume was set,
    then it’s time to check into Terminal and type alsamixer. press F6-> select the soundcard-> turn up all possible settings to max(DAC and headphone are the must).
  3. touchpad is not working somehow in this version, if you use usb mouse, it’s ok.

Hope that helps