Chromium trying to associate itself with every last filetype

When i install chromium it tries to associate itself with pretty much every filetype in existence, i often find myself opening files only to find chromium trying to open it and it is extremely annoying.

So far may solution is just to gradually go over these associations file by filetype until it’s all sane again but isn’t there something i can do to get it done faster? like say limiting the filetype associations for chromium specifically?

I’m on KDE and using ungoogled-chromium.

Hi @rabcor,

When it has happened again, please provide the output of:

grep chr ~/.config/mimeapps.list

Before changing it back again.

Currently it returns this:

$ grep chr ~/.config/mimeapps.list

But chromium currently still wants to open a lot more filetypes than just those.

All image files
All audio files
All basically everything

If i go to the kde file association menu chromium is listed for just about any filetype i look at. Sometimes prioritized above applications that should actually be opening these files; as well as being listed to open file types that it can’t actually read.

chromium.desktop mime setting:


Try using a new, clean profile with chromium?

Or try and edit the .desktop file you use and removing the line you mentioned there.

… perhaps it helps you to know that on my (non Manjaro, non KDE) system
I do not even have this file

it simply does not exist
and everything works just fine

On my Xfce Manjaro install it does exist - but only has entries for mousepad (text editor).

so: try (re)moving it and see what happens :man_shrugging:

What do you mean new profile? i tried removing the line in .desktop it did not work.

Remove this one for a test.

yeah I had to remove it from both [added associations] and [default associations] but it worked!

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