Chromium not launching


Installed Manjaro KDE on a 128 GB SSD. Installed Chromium using Snap (sudo snap install chromium). But when I click on Chromium, it fails to launch.

Not a Linux expert, so I am lost as to what needs to be done to solve this. I did run chromium --diagnostics and found few errors. No idea how to fix them.

[viking@pradhyumna-studioxps1640 ~]$ chromium --diagnostics
[PASS] Install type
System Level

[PASS] Chrome version test
85.0.4183.121 snap

[PASS] User data path
Path exists and is writable: 9197809

[FAIL] Local state path
Path not found: /home/viking/snap/chromium/common/chromium/Local State

[PASS] App dictionaries directory path
Path exists

[PASS] Resources path
Path exists

[PASS] Available disk space
Free space: 103403769856

[FAIL] User preferences integrity
File not found

[FAIL] Local state integrity
File not found

[PASS] Bookmark file
File not found (but that is OK)

[PASS] Web Data database
No corruption detected

[FAIL] Cookie database
File not found

[PASS] Favicons database
No corruption detected

[PASS] History database
No corruption detected

[PASS] Top Sites database
File not found (but that is OK)

[PASS] Database tracker database
File not found (but that is OK)

Finished 16 tests.


Hi @Hagar_Viking, welcome here!

You could have installed Chromium 85.0.4183.121 simply by entering following command in a terminal window

sudo pacman -Syu chromium

as the package exists in the normal Manjaro repos. Any reason you tried to install the snap version?

Hi @Wollie ,

I just did a search and followed the steps in some article. Then I read some other article which suggested to use AUR to install Chrome. I did that.

Thanks for helping. I am new to Manjaro and Arch (installed only today). Getting around how it works. and Iā€™m not a linux expert.

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No problem, we all had to start somehow, glad that you decided for Manjaro. Looking forward to see you here whenever you have a question. :innocent:

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