Chromium missing UI element

There is supposed to be a grey line separating the tabs from the omnibar, when the browser is maximized it’s fine. When I use the system titlebar, it’s fine. The green line across the top is the wallpaper.

See attached screenshots.

I have had this issue since 2 updates ago. I am not really sure if the problem is with chromium or the gtk dark theme, or something else.

I guess I would like to know, what is at fault?


As its a GTK application I guess I would look there. Does it occur with other themes?

Yeah, it appears to only be an issue with gtk+ theme enabled. Thanks. I am using breath-dark gtk application style.

What’s even stranger is that it pierces through the window behind it to the wallpaper.
Edit: on closer inspection, it turns solid green when something is behind it.

Please check with something like breeze-gtk

Alright, it works fine with breeze, and Adiwata dark. The missing element appears in both breath themes, and Adiwata,