Chromium forgeting its cookies at random intervals

Hi all, I have a very weird, moderately annoying issue. My Chromium browser clears/forgets some of its cookies at random intervals (about once a week) and i have to login again everywhere, including here. Google is no help here, because the first 100 Million results are for clearing cookies automatically on exit (which is not enabled).

The cookies are not expired, because there are persistent ones among them (like cookie tracking settings… of sites that I manage so i know they are persistent). On many sites i also know the re-login policy, at least on 2 of them the cookie life is one month, so anything short of that is a “bug”. The weird thing is, not everything is cleared, i think. If i then open the settings, i still see some “site data” to clear, so not everything is cleared.

Has anyone any idea?

Here are the browser customizations:


#read-anything (disabled)
#heuristic-memory-saver-mode (balanced)

Chrome Remote Desktop
Keep Awake
User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)
Google Docs Offline
uBlock Origin

The only things that in my opinion can remotely have some impact, are the adblocker and the disabled caching. But i use Ublock origin since about 5 years on many different computers and browsers and it never happened before.
And if the cache was the problem, how does everything works flawlessly for a week or two then?

Hi there. A couple of thoughts. Have you tried uninstalling Chromium using the -Rns command & doing a complete reinstall? Also, are you open to using Brave? I utilise it & find it a very good browser & takes care of ad-blocking, fingerprinting etc - all of which can be set to off/moderate/severe for every site you visit. Either way, I trust you sort this irritating problem soon.

I think if there is something wrong, it should be in the .config and not in the app itself, so reinstalling is probably not the solution.
I have to check out brave.

Somewhat related can be my current ISP situation, it is a big pool of IP addresses that change often, so i “jump through different cities” from the point of view of the websites. Which can trigger some security. Except, that is certainly not the case with some of the used sites, and i think (not sure) i had that problem also in Germany on a completely different ISP.

There is one thing in the journal that was different when that happened, but it does not sound very logical to be the problem, and i have to wait until it happens again, maybe it was a coincidence.

00:04:05 chromium: [1813:1813:0816/] Cloud management controller initialization aborted as CBCM is not enabled.

The primary suspect for me is uBlockOrigin for now.