Chromium font problem

Someone can help me with this font problem?

This is compare firefox vs chromium

Do you have any extensions that interfere with the font? If you think it is a font problem then you should try changing the font and font size in the chromium settings. It looks like it is an issue with the webpage because the text on the second image looks like it has a negative padding and hidden overflow which is a bad idea and sometimes handled differently in some browsers (like safari). Some fonts may space differently which you could just try switching your font in your browser settings. If this is not the problem you may want to try other browsers to further diagnose the problem.

This problem is in all chrome famili brave, chrome, opera.
Problem is with font-weight bold, I tried default fonts and also custom the same like I use in firefox.

Like you see now after disable font-weight bold ff and chrome looks the same:

Sorry, I dont think I understood your question. Where is the font-weight bold property coming from? What CSS file is it from? To be honest I don’t know why it would be acting that way but it really seems like a font or extension problem. There are extensions where you can inject CSS into every webpage if you need to fix it.

From, facebook and many other sites.

I am confused. I assume your problem is with Firefox not property styling text that should be bold? Can you send a screenshot of the inspector tool on firefox and searching “font-weight” in the “search style” box. To see if the font-weight property being overwritten by something in firefox. I use Firefox and the site showed the headings as bold as it should.

Firefox is perfect, we talking about chromium and bad looking font.

Please look again to first post
left site firefox right site chromium ugly bold titles

facebook messanger photo
Left site firefox right site chromium ugly bold Messenger title

last photo
Left chromium ugly bold Messenger title and right perfect firefox font.