Chromium eating up my ram

Hello guys.

First, I have looked in t he forums already for something like this, found some very old posts that didn’t have any answers so I deecided to ask this myself

I’ve been using chromium for a while now mostly for its non-google behaviour of not sending my data anywhere and still being useful. But because linux doesn’t support automatic-tab-discarding, i’m having a bit of a problem because even with about 25 tabs chromium just fills up 75% to 80% of my ram, then sometimes i open something else other than the browser my ram fills up and the system freezes.

Is there a way to have auto-tab-discarding? Or do you recommend something else?

if I use ps_mem this here is what shows up on the chromium part (I have 16GB of ram)

Private  +   Shared  =  RAM used	Program
5.7 GiB  +   6.6 GiB =  12.3 GiB	chromium [updated] (45)

Try disabling the run-in-background - usually reachable from the systray.

It could be web workers. Try opening this url in chromium


Yeah that was the first thing i disabled when I intalled

Hi @iagosousadev. and welcome!

Chrome, so chromium too I guess are known resource hogs, according to how I understand and have always understood it. I have no idea why.

25 tabs aren’t that many. At least not according to me. And that is, is, well…it’s a lot of RAM. So I have to ask, how long is chromium open there? That might b e part of it, not sure. :man_shrugging:

I also suggest you take a look at a different browser, then. I use Firefox (developer edition) and don’t have any problems. Also, it’s a lot easier, from my understanding, not to have it broadcast your details. So I’d suggest that.

I will try that, was thinking about something else like Brave but it’s also chromium based. about the firefox version do you use Nightly or have they created a different naming for it? It’s been some years since i last used chrome

Nah, it’s just thee normal one. I use developer edition, from the community repository, but the normal Firefox is in the extra repository:

$ pamac search fireefox

firefox-h264ify                                                                                                                                                                  [Installed] 1.1.0-2                                              AUR
Makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos
firefox-developer-edition                                                                                                                                                        [Installed] 99.0b8-1                                             community
Developer Edition of the popular Firefox web browser
firefox                                                                                                                                                                                      99.0.1-1                                             extra
Standalone web browser from

So you can install it with:

pamac install firefox

Hope this helps!

Thanks, will try to dev version too, if it ends up better than chromium I will be in love again because i love Firefox devtools for when i’m making my projects

That is the reason I originally went for it, too.