Chrome Won't Update

Running Chrome on current, updated Manjaro on GPD Pocket 3, Chrome says it can’t update.

Any workaround?


The application itself says that? Or do you mean when you try to update it via the package manager (i.e, Pamac)?

There is no workaround - only the right way.

Applications installed using the package manager must be updated using the package manager.

Chrome is a custom package and you need to rebuild the package using your AUR helper.

pamac build <pkgname>

Which in your case translates to

pamac build google-chrome

Many thanks for such quick, helpful replies.

yay -S google-chrome

Did the trick. I’m new to arch so I wasn’t aware that the chrome update command might end up being manual.

yay -Syu

Since chrome was already updated by previous command, I’m not certain this would’ve worked, but will try next time.

At any rate, thanks again for your help.


Arch, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Fedora, doesn’t matter, since we’re referring to package managers.

The “self-updater” that is built into a web browser is usually a behavior of Windows; not a common Linux distro.

Why use yay when you can consolidate everything with pamac? (Pamac’s GUI and CLI support PKGBUILDs from the AUR). :point_down:

If there is an update to a PKGBUILD on the AUR (whether a software version or package version update), you can configure the Pamac GUI to automatically check for AUR updates as well. It is in similar vein to how packages from the official repositories are checked for updates.

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You can also enable aur and check for updates in pamac-gui then you can update with that or just type pamac upgrade in a terminal and it will update as well.

Once again, I appreciate the fast help. I took this advice

pamac build google-chrome

and I’ll wait to see how it works with the next chrome update.

In ubuntu, installing chrome puts its repo in /etc/apt/source.list, and a general dist-upgrade takes care of all updates, including chrome. The arch equivalent didn’t happen here and I don’t see its repo in Add/Remove Software. So I may have to learn more about pamac/AUR, which appears to be a different approach to updating.

Or perhaps pamac build google-chrome has already taken care of automatic chrome updating.

Or use Chromium instead of Google Chrome?

If you don’t require any Google-specific services built into your browser, then the Chromium browser will better serve you. It’s in the official repositories (just like Firefox), and it’s essentially the “vanilla” version of the “Chrome-based browsers.”

I use it on all of my Manjaro installations.

The caveat is: They use different config/profile folders, thus if you install Chromium, you will start with a fresh profile (unless you import/migrate your bookmarks, etc, from Google Chrome.)

Thank you. I have used Chromium in previous incarnations and I think I drifted away from it because it wouldn’t stream netflix without a lot of handle jiggling. Though that issue may be long resolved.

I believe it has.

Good to know. Thanks.

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