Chrome/Chromium notifications do not disappear

I am running the latest brand new installation of Manjaro KDE.
Installed Chrome. When I get a pushbullet add-on notification it gets stuck and does not auto hide after 5 seconds as configured in the global system settings.
I tried latest Chromium, same problem.
The only way to get rid of them is to click the X or dismiss.

Tested pushbullet add-on on Firefox and the pop-up notification hide after 5 seconds as expected.

How can I fix this?


I tried switching this flag, but it doesn’t fix this issue.
BTW, I just tested on Kubuntu 20.04.1 LTS live CD after installing chrome deb and pushbullet extension and get the same problem there. The notifications don’t go away. :frowning:
Have you a tried reproducing this by any chance?

Umm…FWIW, just found this KDE bug report: