Choppy audio, sometimes no audio altogether


I have problems with my audio with or without headphones:

  1. It is choppy.
  2. It sometimes stops completely and only comes back after a restart.

does anyone have any feedback on this?


If you use pipewire have a look at this:


Thanks for the link. I do not know if I am using pipewire, I also have never heard of that software. My manjaro installation is as it came from the iso from which I installed. Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this problem or could you tell me how to find out if I am using pipewire?


To give us more info about your hardware please post the output of
inxi -Fz
There will be a line like:
Sound Server-2: PipeWire v: 0.3.45 running: yes

If that’s the case you can go ahead and fine tune your pipewire config:


It seems I have that software installed:

[angelc@manjaro ~]$ inxi -Fz | grep PipeWire
  Sound Server-3: PipeWire v: 0.3.45 running: yes
[angelc@manjaro ~]$ 


  1. As far as I know I did not break this pipewire thing.
  2. The tutorial you point me to is pretty long and I would rather not follow it.

Is there an easier way to fix the sound? Like for instance, uninstalling pipewire and installing something else? Or I have to go through those 4 pages of instructions to get the sound working?