Choosing the best mirror

Hello everyone. Isn’t it the best practice to choose the nearest mirror to you? For this reason, one of the first things to do after installing Manjaro is run the command sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip . Have I been doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance.

Personally, what I do is make my mirrorlist only have mirrors from my country, you only need to do this once, e.g.:

sudo pacman-mirrors --country United_States --protocol https

Then when I want to run an update, I personally rank my mirrors by speed and update:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 0 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Thanks for your answer. What about this new partnership with CDN77? Maybe we should all switch to that?

CDN77 is for ISO downloads. Has nothing to do with mirrors for packages.

Thanks for clarifying. Take care.

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