Choose light sddm theme with black global theme (breath)

i love whole black breath theme on my manjaro
but when i synchronize sddm theme, i have this awefull white blur on wallpaper.
perhaps, the other version with white buttons and black blur effect.

can you allow to choose the sddm version theme and not force it depending on global theme

Thank you

It’s allowed, go to System Setting - Startup & Shutdown and pick a different SDDM theme. Once you set the global theme you can still go and change various parts, like: Application style, sddm theme, plasma style, colors…

If I remember correctly I only ever had an issue with Window Decoration being tied to the Global Theme (but that may not be an issue now?)

Make sure you don’t have updates available and then just reapply your dark theme (i.e. apply some other and then return back) and sddm sync should produce correct colors now.

I think it’s the better way for now.
thank you

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