Choose default programs in kde?

Like the title says, I just wondered how I set default programs like web browser and music app etc?? I’m new to linux so sorry if this is a faq thing :frowning:

Thank you

Open the system settings and take a look around, it is really pretty easy.

In this specific case: System Settings → Applications → File Associations

Thank you, that did it! :slight_smile: thanks so much again.

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Hi @b0w3n2k, and welcome!

The option you’re looking for cann be found in System settingsPersonalizationApplications. There you’ll find default applications, and so on.


Happy to hear you managed!

Thank you Mirdarthos, ya I’ll learn. I should have seen it in the first place… I just am a bit confused still lol. thank you both for the very fast help!!

The most important thing: it’s quite different from Windoze, so don’t expect it to be Winblows.

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You can also right click a file in Dolphin, click Open with -> Other application..., select the application and make sure to tick the box at bottom to remember the file association. Makes more sense to me this way. But to set default Browser, Mail Client, Terminal and File Explorer, you have to use the Settings Manager yes.